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Hydroxychloroquine with higher dosages or prolonged drug use, gastroin- testinal distress, nausea, headache, pruritus, and hydroxychloroquine plaquenil , like chloroquine, is a leukopenia can occur.

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Headachedizzinessnauseavomitingdiarrheaabdominal painvisual disturbancesrashirreversible retinopathyQT prolongationmyopathyneuropathyhypoglycemiamay be severeblood dyscrasiasdiscontinue if occurraresuicidal behavior.

Irreversible retinal damage has been observed in some patients who had received long-term or highdosage 4-aminoquinoline therapy for discoid and systemic lupus erythematosusor rheumatoid arthritis.

Dizzinessheadacheand convulsions have been reported with this class of drugs.

Dizzinessheadacheand convulsions have been reported with this class of drugs.

CRetinaMaculaEdemaatrophyabnormal reputable online pharmacies uk. pigmentationmild pigment stippling to abull’s-eyeappearanceloss of foveal reflexincreased macular recovery time following exposure to a bright lightphoto-stress testelevated retinal threshold to red light in macularparamacularand peripheral retinal areasCases of maculopathies and macular degeneration have been reported and may be irreversible.

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her rheumatologist instructed her to undergo a baseline ocular examination prior to initiating plaquenil hydroxychloroquine, sanofi-aventis therapy.


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