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Dosage increase of wellbutrin may be necessary when coadministered with ritonavir, lopinavir, or efavirenz see clinical pharmacology but should not exceed the maximum recommended dose.

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Information about Wellbutrin.

Wellbutrin may also be used for purposes not listed in this medication guide.

AAccording to Lexi-Compthere have been reports of alopecia or hair loss during postmarketing and or case reports of patients taking Wellbutrin XLbupropionThere is very little information available about this possible side effect in clinical researchOne research article stated that patients taking medications similar to Wellbutrin XL have seen improvement in hair after stopping the medication and/or lowering the dosageKeep in mind that hair loss can have many causes besides side effects of medicationsTalk with your physician regarding your hair loss for diagnosis and for additional guidance on treatment optionsJen MarsicoRPh.

QWhat are the long term effects of taking WellbutrinWhat about the effects of Celexa?

Many drugs can interact with bupropionTell your doctor about all medicines you useand those you start or stop using during your treatment with WellbutrinThis includes prescription and over-the-counter medicinesvitaminsand herbal productsNot all possible interactions are listed in this medication guide.

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