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Naltrexone is an opioid antagonist that is orally administered daily.

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Information about Naltrexone.

Patients taking REVIA may not benefit from opioid containing medicinessuch as cough and cold preparationsantidiarrheal preparationsand opioid analgesicsIn an emergency situation when opioid analgesia must be administered to a patient receiving REVIAthe amount of opioid required may be greater than usualand the resulting respiratory depression may be deeper and more prolongedsee PRECAUTIONS

Safe use of REVIA in ultra rapid opiate detoxification programs has not been establishedsee ADVERSE REACTIONS

Patients receiving opioid analgesicsPatients currently dependent on opioidsincluding those currently maintained on opiate agonistse.gmethadoneor partial agonistse.gbuprenorphinePatients in acute opioid withdrawalsee WARNINGSAny individual who has failed the naloxone challenge test or who has a positive urine screen for opioidsAny individual with a history of sensitivity to REVIA or any other components of this productIt is not known if there is any cross-sensitivity with naloxone or the phenanthrene containing opioids.

Blurred vision or eye problemsfast heartbeatmood changeshallucinationsseeing or hearing thingsconfusionthoughts of hurting yourselfnauseastomach painlow feverloss of appetitedark urineclay-colored stoolsjaundiceyellowing of the skin or eyesear.

Patients with addictive disordersespecially opioid addictionare at risk for multiple numerous adverse events and abnormal laboratory findingsincluding liver function abnormalitiesData from both controlled and observational studies suggest that these abnormalitiesother than the dose-related hepatotoxicity described aboveare not related to the use of REVIA.

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naltrexone hydrochloride marketed under the brand name revia.


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