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I know this since i have been in remission for 5 years after taking femara.

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In women who have gone through menopauseestrogen is mainly produced by converting androgenssex hormones produced by the adrenal glandsinto estrogensWhile estrogen may not actually cause breast cancerit is a necessary hormone for the cancer cells to grow in estrogen receptor-positive breast cancersWith estrogen blockedthe cancer cells that feed off estrogen may not be able to survive.

Letrozole is a drug used as hormone therapy for the treatment of breast cancerand included in a group of drugs called aromatase inhibitors due to its mechanism of actionEstrogen and progesterone are female sex hormones that promote cancer growthWhile in menstruating womenthese hormones are produced in the ovariesin menopausal womenit is produced in the fat tissue through a process known as aromataseThereforeletrozole interferes with this process in order to decrease the levels of estrogen in the body andconsequentlystop or slow down cancer growthor decrease the probability of cancer recurrence after surgeryLetrozole is only effective in hormone sensitive or hormone prednisone canada no prescription. receptor positive breast cancer and its use is limited to women after menopause.

The use of FEMARA may cause decreases in the density of your bonesincreases in bone fractures and osteoporosisMonitoring of the density of your bones may be required.

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the median treatment duration of adjuvant treatment was 60 months and the median duration of follow-up for safety was 73 months for patients receiving femara and tamoxifen.


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