Volkswagen FOX 2004 Maintenance Handbook


Volkswagen FOX 2004 ai??i?? Maintenance Handbook.


Engine overview
Service plans
Service table
Delivery inspection
Oil Change Service
Intermediate service Models ai???2010 (Europe) and Models 2009ai??? (except Europe)
Intermediate service Models 2011ai??? (Europe)
Inspection Service
Supplementary services based on time elapsed and/or kilometers traveled
General remarks
Rear license plate (only CrossFox Europe) ai??i?? install
Lifting the vehicle with a workshop lift and jack
Service tag
Self-diagnosis ai??i?? refer to the fault memory of all systems
Vehicle identification data
Service intervals
Countries with high sulfur content in diesel
Engine oils
Identification letters and engine number
Push starting (pushing the vehicle to start)/towing
Service descriptions
Clock ai??i?? set
Maintenance interval indicator (if available) : reset with the Vehicle Diagnosis, Measurement and Information System
Spare wheel support stop: lubricate ai??i?? (CrossFox)
Fire extinguisher ai??i?? check the charge
Power window drive ai??i?? reprogram
Radio ai??i?? activate the anti-theft code
Reading radio code using Diagnosis, measurement and information system
Wheel fastening screws ai??i?? tighten to correct torque
Battery ai??i?? check terminals for proper seating and fastening
Battery ai??i?? check the charge capacity
Engine oil level ai??i?? check and replenish if necessary
Sunroof: check operation, clean and lubricate the guide rails
Transport safety devices ai??i?? remove
Driver and passenger airbags ai??i?? visual inspection of Airbag units
Windshield and rear window wiper and washer ai??i?? check the operation
Windscreen and rear window wiper blades ai??i?? check the resting position
Wiper blade ai??i?? check the incidence angle
Tire pressure (including spare wheel), condition, tread, sides and groove depth ai??i?? check
Engine oil ai??i?? drain and fill; change the oil filter
Engine and components in engine compartment (from above and below) ai??i?? make a visual inspection for leaks and damage
Poly-V belt ai??i?? check the condition
Constant velocity joint bellows ai??i?? visual inspection
Gearbox ai??i?? check the oil level and replenish if necessary
Brake system ai??i?? visual inspection for damage and leaks
Front brake pads ai??i?? check the thickness
Lower body section protection ai??i?? make a visual inspection for damage
Steering bar tips ai??i?? check clearance, fastening and sealing bellows
Rear wheels: adjust the roller bearing clearance (only for vehicles without ABS and equipped with the engines: AQZ, BAH, ASY, BLH, and CFZA from 07/01/2007
Suspension arm joints ai??i?? visual inspection
Cooling system ai??i?? check the antifreeze additive and the coolant level
Spark plugs ai??i?? replace
ATF oil reservoir for power steering ai??i?? replenish the level
Dust and pollen filter ai??i?? replace the filter element
Timing belt ai??i?? replace; Semi-automatic camshaft tensioning pulley ai??i?? check
Camshaft activation timing belt ai??i?? check
Air filter ai??i?? clean the case and replace the filter element
Fuel filter ai??i?? replace
Fuel filter ai??i?? drain
Brake fluid ai??i?? replace
Brake fluid level (depending on brake pad/lining wear) ai??i?? check
Headlight adjustment ai??i?? check and adjust headlights if necessary
Perform a test run
Additional tasks due to country legislation
Exhaust gas test
Edition 07.2010 (BRA5R005420)
Language: English
Format: PDF
Pages: 126
Size: 2.76 Mb
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