Audi A4 receives ai???Perfect for Big Milesai??i?? award on BBC ai???Bestai??i?? lists for Magazineai??i??s Top Autos on the Environment issue due to be released on November 29

They may push cars to ever more extremes to deliver street tests that never pull any punches, but the journalists at Top Gear Paper have acknowledged that style and longevity matters just as much as performance by declaring the Audi A4 ai???Best for Big Milesai??i?? in its forthcoming Best Cars in the World issue.

2017 audi a4 interior

The extent to which Audi engineers and designers have gone with the A4 to take the unruffled feel and exceptional cabin ambiance of cars in the uppermost classes to the compact executive segment have not been misplaced on the Top Gear team. In the world of Great Motor vehicles, the Community matters and indeed speaks, accessible from November 29, the road testers publish: ai???With the A4, Audi concentrated on the items such as folks health: a peaceful, secure cabin, technology to manufacture your jaw slacken and some reputable ride best

audi a4 virtual cockpit

With an extremely low drag coefficient of merely 0.23 the A4 Saloon slipping cleanly through the air under influence offered by an array of solid and economical search engines. They also acknowledge that you get from the excellent frugal 2.0 TDI very with its 72mpg operation and 99g/km CO2 output to the serenely soft 218PS and 286PS V6 TDIs, the former powering the A4 alternative ranked by What Car? Magazine easily because its Car of the Season for 2016


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